Solar Shades

Benefits of Solar Shades

Halcyon Shades is a premier provider of solar shades throughout the United States. So, what are solar shades? Solar shades utilize a technology that was originally developed by NASA to dispense light while maintaining the interior at a constant temperature. They create a radiant barrier, blocking out most of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our products allow you to see out, which can be beneficial if using in a room that takes in the direct sunlight.

Solar shades offer many benefits to businesses and homes alike. They utilize materials that are designed to reduce heat gain and glare from the sun, thereby reducing energy costs. They also help to provide privacy for a building’s residents while still maintaining a pleasant view of the outdoors. By blocking UV rays, solar shades also help to reduce the glare inside a building, making it more comfortable to live and work.

Solar Shades by Halcyon

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Radiant Barrier Shades

When it comes to custom window treatments, our company is an industry leader. In fact, each one of Halcyon Shades‘ window treatment products is manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri to a particular performance specification. We give each and every one of our shade customers excellent treatment that is customized to their individual needs.

Custom Window Solutions, Custom Treatment

Throughout the entire process, whether you are purchasing or installing your custom window product, Halcyon Shades remains dedicated to providing a highly individualized and satisfactory customer experience. Simply put: You can expect royal treatment!

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