Our products are customized to fit your space, and we consider aspects such as color, texture, visibility and glare reduction to help you arrive at the perfect solution to meet your needs. We offer different options to help you choose the right material for your shades including:

  • Textured for light diffusion and durability
  • Smooth for transparency
  • Room darkening for complete privacy

Our customers appreciate that we utilize environmentally-safe materials in the production of our blinds, allowing them to reduce not only their electricity bills but also their carbon footprints.

Your Year-Round Solution for Fighting the Elements

Our products are made using a metal film within the shade that acts to serve as your year-round barrier to the outside elements. During the hot summer months, they work to reflect heat outdoors. When colder weather arrives, they effectively reflect your building’s heat back inside. No matter the season, you can reduce your energy consumption in such a significant manner that you can reasonably expect a return on investment within as little as two years.

Power of Automation

To further accentuate the financial benefits our products have to offer, you can also take advantage of automation that puts even more power in your hands. Using a single computer, you can effectively manage groups of up to 400 shades. From the comfort of your desk, you can ensure shades are down during peak glare and heat times daily using state-of-the-art timing and light sensors.

Technology You Can Count On

We utilize the latest technology to keep you and your belongings intact. If our materials are good enough to protect astronauts in outer space, you can feel confident in their ability to fight the sun’s damaging UV rays here on earth. Explore the many quality products we have to offer here at Halcyon Shades.

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