Our home window coverings make for excellent additions to any residential space. With thousands of custom-made home window coverings to choose from, there is a shade style that is perfect for every home. Shades can make or break the appearance and efficiency of your home, but when you shop with Halcyon Shades, every shade investment will add value. The benefits of home window coverings are huge.

Enhance Your Home’s Appearance & Efficiency with Our One-of-a-Kind Window Coverings.

When you’re selecting shades for your building, you should not have to choose between energy efficiency, attractiveness, or the ability to protect your inside furnishings. Our all-encompassing shades have it all. The only tricky part is finding shades that compliment your home most. With such a large selection of home window coverings, you are certain to find a great fit.

Our energy saving shades are a great addition to any facility. Our attractive designs can beautify your establishment from the inside out. When you shop with us, you’ll understand what it truly means when form meets function.

Beautify Your Home’s Exterior.

Shades don’t have to be plain and boring; in fact, they can help you save energy. Whether you are trying to achieve a traditional or a more modern feel in your home, we have an array of attractive shades available that will satisfy your decorating needs while making it easier to save energy. Halcyon Shades is more than a shade company. We offer quality products that help individuals express themselves and reduce costs and save energy.

Protect Your Valuables with Energy Saving Shades.

You have spent a lot of time and money crafting the perfect ambiance and working on home improvement. Sadly, sunlight can damage some of the things that matter most in a home. Our products can remove glare and eliminate up to 99.9% of incoming UV rays.

This enhanced protection from the sun can prevent paint, carpet, and artwork damage that is sometimes caused by exposure to sunlight. At last, you can enjoy watching your crystal-clear television and computer screen without a distracting glare. It gets better, though! You can do all of this while including comfort into the equation since our shades are simultaneously improving your environment. Save energy and money with the addition of practical, functional shades.

Halcyon Shades believes in helping you improve your home and save energy. We guarantee that our products make for a great addition to any space.

Residential Window Security

Our window coverings enable you to be secure knowing you can see what is happening outside without being visible to outsiders. At last, you can safely enjoy the beautiful view outside your window. The key? The answer is in our window coverings.

For more information about how our energy saving shades can help with home improvement, call us at (800) 234-2280. Proudly helping our customers save energy and beautify their homes.


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