Halcyon Shades Eliminate 99.9% of UVA & UVB Rays

Of the vast electromagnetic spectrum, light is just a small part, and this is what the human eye is capable of processing. While it’s a critical element that allows us to enjoy museum artifacts and paintings, it can also cause a high degree of degradation over time. In fact, even low levels of light exposure over a long period of time can cause more damage than intense light for a short period.

Heighten Security Measures with Halcyon

In addition to the UV protection Halcyon Shades offer, we also have a large customer base in the museum industry that values the security features that come with Halcyon Shades. Your security personnel can see through our shades to monitor the outside of the building while prohibiting views to the inside during daylight hours.

Preventing Irreversible Damage

Once light exposure has damaged your unique displays, they are irreversible whether caused by radiant heating or photochemical action. When you rely on the high-tech shades from Halcyon Shades, you can effectively prevent this happening. The items housed in your museum are irreplaceable, and the investment made in our NASA-developed technology can save you thousands or even millions of dollars by preventing infiltration of the sun’s damaging UV rays into your facility.

Programmable Shades Make Life Easy

A day in the life of a museum director is often a busy one. When you count on our programmable products, you can control your shades from the comfort of your office. Using your computer, you can manipulate your shades to ensure your priceless displays receive the preservative care they require to bring joy for many years to come.

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