Our window shades and coverings can transform your windows from a major security risk to a security plus. A window shade or covering can be used in a variety of situations to upgrade building security.  Our window shades and coverings can provide advanced security for a variety of educational buildings.

Just how can our window covering products have such a big impact on security?

Unfortunately, in today’s society, our children need added protection in school. Every school now secures their doors so outsiders must enter through one entrance which is usually controlled by the school’s front office personnel. Our window shades allow the workers in the school to approach the front entrance and visually survey the visitor before allowing entrance. The person outside cannot see inside, providing additional security.

During safety drills currently held in schools, window coverings are pulled down in the classrooms to prevent potential attackers from seeing if the room is occupied. This allows everyone inside the classroom to see outside and prevents outsiders from seeing inside.

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