Increase Energy Efficiency

Halcyon Shades can save 10-25% on a building’s energy spend, thus increasing a company’s bottom line. The figures were derived from the Department of Energy’s EQUEST energy modeling software. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories has determined that metalized polyester material can reflect energy and prevent it from penetrating into the building.

Heating System

Heating a building can become very costly during cold-weather months if you don’t have the proper window insulation. Because of this, it’s crucial that you have an effective heating system in place. A good heating system does not just entail a well-functioning furnace. Window coverings that ensure proper window insulation matter. At Halcyon Shades, we provide window shade products that improve window insulation.

Insulation Solutions from Halcyon Shades

Utilizing radiant barrier technology, Halcyon Shades can eliminate up to 97% of solar heat gain or loss. Radiant barrier technology works like a thermos. During a hot summer day, a thermos will keep an ice-cold drink cold all day. During the winter, that same thermos will keep a hot drink hot all day. Halcyon Shades utilize the same principle employed by a thermos. During the winter, this technology reduces heat loss through the glass from the interior and inhibits the cold from entering the building. During the summer, this same technology reduces the solar heat gain through the window and keeps the cool air in the building. Thusly, the load on a building’s HVAC system is lowered.

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Cooling System

When designing a building, it’s important to pay close attention to cooling system components –and more specifically, window insulation. Window insulation is an essential factor that is often overlooked in building design. Luckily, high-quality shades have the ability to greatly impact cooling systems, making them more energy-efficient than ever.

Cool Shades, Cool Space

Most of us understand how hot summers can really feel. During those humid months, several factors are important to keep in mind:

  • maintaining a cool, comfortable indoor temperature
  • reducing energy costs
  • maintaining an efficient HVAC system
  • having attractive shades

When you shop with us, you never have to compromise style for function. You can have both a comfortable indoor space and attractive window coverings. Our state-of-the-art window insulation technology helps keep hot air outside during the summer to maintain cool and comfortable indoor temperatures.

Heat Reflective Technology

For many years, shade makers believed that simply blocking sunlight was enough to help maintain comfortable temperatures in indoor spaces. Now we know better. Shades that reflect heat and have effective insulation are key to maintaining comfortable temperatures in any building. At Halcyon Shades, we produce a high-quality and effective product that really works. When it’s hot outside, heat is reflected from our shades, allowing you to better regulate indoor temperatures.

If you are ready to save energy and improve the functionality of your facility’s cooling system, Halcyon Shades has the perfect solution: window-insulating shades. Our window insulation products will complement any cooling system while enhancing the look and feel of any building.

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At Halcyon Shades, our experienced team is dedicated to helping you keep your windows insulated with our state-of-the-art shades and insulation products. From start to finish, every element is designed with your window insulation needs in mind.

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