It is always easy or inexpensive to start a business by building with sustainable materials. Below are a few ways that your business can make a difference and a positive environmental impact without going broke.

Local Support of Green Endeavors

Work with your community to support their local green projects, if there aren’t any start your own. Participating in or organizing things like trash pickups, sustainable gardens or composting areas are great ways to get people to love the earth, work together, and learn about your business.

Provide Recycling Centers

There are a surprising amount of areas around the United States that don’t have easy access to recycling, particularly apartment communities and lower income areas. A local business that provides a way to easily recycle batteries, electronics, paper, plastic, and glass (without traveling a long distance or paying a fee) will go a long way in promoting your business as well as improving the environment.

Green App

An app for every business is becoming a standard. What can set yours apart is to personalize it. Points could be earned for participating in green projects, recycling, or learning more about how to improve the earth. Then, customers can redeem points for a discount on a product or service. You can also use the app to put your specials up instead of sending out paper mailers or circulars in the newspaper.

Use Sustainable Products

If you’re a food service or retailer, coffee cups, utensils, and shopping bags made of recycled or decomposable materials is a great way to start. Your business can print its logo and any other design on the products using plant-based ink. Offer plant-based options like nut, soy, or flax milk, and products made from organic and fair-trade ingredients will bring in loyal customers.

Sun Shades

Pretty much every business has windows. Installing sun shades will decrease energy use and protect you and your customers from damaging UV rays. Sun shades come in a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors which are sure to match any decor.

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