The right window shades help regulate energy bills by lighting and warming spaces that don’t need lights on all of the time. Raising the shades and letting natural light stream through helps eliminate some of the need for artificial light sources but you also need to consider how direct sunlight will affect your employees. The pros and cons of natural light in the office can be solved with tinted window shades.

Cool and Insulate

Commercial window treatments are designed to cool and insulate. In the summer, lowered blinds keep cool air from heating up. During the winter, the gap between a window and the shades captures heat. Spring can tend to be quite a middle ground when it comes to temperature and weather, blinds will make every day comfortable and productive, no matter how dramatic the weather.

Save Money

Replace old window treatments with something cost effective and pleasant. Spring is a time for renewal, replacing the old with bright and money saving new treatments will help boost morale. The initial cost of the new blinds will soon be eclipsed by the energy savings from utilizing less artificial lighting and not needing to flip on the A/C or heating.

Comfortable Atmosphere

A common problem in offices everywhere is the air comfort level, usually, it is either freezing or boiling. As many know from experience, it’s difficult to focus when you are trying to keep warm and being too hot can make us easily frustrated at small problems. Installing shades in work areas will let employees soak in the natural warmth (and vitamin D) of the sun, which will create happier employees that aren’t focused on their temperature. Not to mention, a nice temperature will help you out when clients visit.

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