When it comes to choosing a restaurant, customers not only decide based on the cuisine but the atmosphere. There are restaurants that work with dark mood lighting and others that thrive in the sunshine. How does a restaurant owner decide whether window shades are the right way to go for their business? 

Window Shades Are Never a Bad Thing

As a restaurant owner, you get to control your decor. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose a shade made of fire retardant materials. Unless you own a specialty eatery, chances are you will be open for at least lunch and dinner, maybe breakfast. So, finding shades that will keep the blinding sun out, yet still invite the warmth in is important, as well as maintaining privacy during dinner.

Adjustable or Motorized Blinds Might Be Right

Solar windows shades are an excellent option because they allow your patrons to control the amount of light let in. This way, no one has to pull out their sunglasses just to look at their dining partner. Another choice is getting motorized shades that are programmable to adjust to the lighting. This adds a bit of a higher class feeling to your establishment as well.

Protect Your Patrons’ Health

Keep your customers comfortable and healthy. You don’t want anyone to feel like they need to apply sunscreen before they eat. Halcyon Shades block 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays when lowered. As well as protecting skin, they prevent eye strain when reading menus.

Prevent Decor Deterioration

Don’t let the hot sun ruin your carefully chosen design. If you own a 50s style diner, you don’t want people burning themselves on hot vinyl seats. Nor do you want your moody sushi restaurant ruined by faded fabric on booths and bleached out paint.

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