Who says commercial shades need to be boring? Energy savings, UV protection and anti-bacterial benefits only go so far. A variety of colors and materials will help you customize your shades to whatever your business needs are.

Energy Savings

Installing commercial shades in any business will start the savings rolling in. During those hot summer days, Halcyon Shades will reflect 80 percent of heat gain, meaning you don’t need to be fiddling with the A/C all day — you might not need it at all!

Protect Your Employees & Customers

Halcyon Shades are made out NASA engineered material, so the same thing that protects you protects astronauts in space. This space-age design allows for 99.9 percent of UV rays to be blocked but still lets the sun shine through.

Choose Your Shade Material & Color

There are so many things you can do with your shades, all you have to do it ask! There are the standard greys, whites, blues and blacks, but custom colors to suit your business aesthetic or logo are available as well. The material you choose will depend on the transparency you would like. Some offer high transparency, others completely room-darkening, or you could go with textured shades, which diffuse the light and add durability.

Customize Those Shades

Tie up all those loose ends now. Hide your shades’ rollers in style with wood or fabric covers and add in some side rails for complete light coverage. Weighing down the bottom, adding a chain clip or motorizing your shades are also smart options to keep day-to-day procedures a breeze.

To see how our shades can help your energy efficiency efforts, contact Halcyon Shades of St. Louis, MO, at (877) 977-4271.