Operating costs for schools are high and with so many schools cutting budgets it seems there should be a quick, easy and smart way to hold onto a few extra dollars. Well good thing there is — window shades. Reducing energy consumption is as easy as installing window shades.

Keeping Energy in Check

Programmable Window Shades

Halcyon Shades can be motorized, meaning they ca be programmed to move at any time of day, making it easy to work in any type of lighting. If teachers and staff set their window timers for the end of their workday it also serves as a signal to turn off lights, if the school doesn’t have automation.

Shut Off Your Electronics

When there are long school holidays or breaks, staff should remember to turn of all electronic items in the classrooms and break rooms such as computers, microwaves, mini fridges, space heaters, coffee makers etc. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the savings can stack up.

Lower Overall Operational Costs

Window shades help create an extra barrier and insulation between the sun and the building. During the warm months, the air conditioner won’t have to pump in quite so much freezing air and, during the winter, the heater won’t need to kick on as much.

Savings Result in Better Access to Education

Installing energy efficient window treatments will cut the cost of funding schools and with those savings come further educational access for your students. Freeing up just a small portion of a very limited budget could mean new supplies, the ability to go on a field trip or bring in a guest for a fun assembly, maybe even help fund an after-school program — the opportunities are plenty.

To see how our shades can help your energy efficiency efforts, contact Halcyon Shades of St. Louis, MO, at (877) 977-4271.