Many people search high and low at big box stores to find the perfect window treatments for their home, and many of them never succeed in finding something they truly love. You see your windows everyday (and so does everyone else) so show them off right and get custom made curtains.

Non-Standard Size Windows

Lots of older homes as well as new, modern homes have uniquely sized windows that vary from your standard. With custom window treatments your curtains and shades are fit precisely to your windows’ unique measurements, ensuring the perfect positioning.

Find Variety With Custom Window Treatments

Getting the perfect curtains, custom made for your style is ideal. Why would you want to live with sub-par curtains when you have the opportunity to get whatever you want in a curtain? If you have amazing, unique windows you should show them off.

Sell Your Home in a Snap

Home buyers are always on the lookout for a great view, you want curtains that will accentuate the best qualities of the windows, as well as the rest of the room. Custom curtain let you control every aspect of your window display.

You Can Do anything You Want

Go crazy. It’s your house. If your favorite pattern is an insanely colorful tropical print, you can have it. If you want your favorite abstract painting printed on it, go for it. You can make everything match or nothing! Want to make life simpler? Install those motorized blinds too, there’s nothing stopping you.

If you live in the St. Louis area and would like to learn more about our wide selection of custom window treatments, contact Halcyon Shades at (314) 282-8088.