No matter the size of the business, every company wants to do the same thing — save money and make money. The best way to easily and efficiently cut costs is simply to use shades on your windows. 

Productivity & Employee Comfort

Commercial spaces tend to have large windows that produce a lot of natural light, which is very beneficial to having a happy and healthy staff but not always for productivity. When using shades, you have the ability to adjust the level of light coming into your building. Keeping the warmth and vitamin D provided by the sun while preventing distractions to your employees.

Shade Versatility

Shades can be installed, adjusted and moved much more easily than commercial window tinting, so replacement or redecoration is a breeze. The shades can be manually or motor-operated. The motorized options can be programmed to move up or down according to where the sun is, as well as according to when the office closes for a long period of time.

Energy Efficient

If your company is looking to make greener choices, shades also help you earn up to nine LEED certification points. They are natural radiant barriers so they keep the building warm in the winter and cool during the summer reducing the use of A/C and heat. While tinting would produce the same effects, they are a much more permanent solution.

Enhanced Security

As well as the benefits listed above, shades enhance security to your office. Window tinting can skew your view outside the building, shades keep an accurate visual while still preventing onlookers from seeing inside. Halcyon Shades meet military specifications for instances of heightened alert, so you know your business will be secured.

Make the transition from commercial window tinting to shades today. For more details about our shades and services call Halcyon Shades at (877) 977-4271 or contact us today