With Thanksgiving only a week away and the rest of the holidays waiting impatiently right around the corner, people will start to think about their travel and shopping plans. If you’re leaving for vacation or hours longer after work to shop for gifts, you might consider the security risks your home will be open to.

Let There Be Light

Leaving just one light on a dim setting in a front window or leaving exterior lights on will suggest to potential burglars that you are home. You can even keep the TV on for a few hours while out shopping. Many times thieves will walk around the back of your home and see whether their are lights or TVs on.

Don’t Leave Anything Outside

The following items should never be left outside of your house to prevent theft.

“Hidden” Key. You may not be as clever as you think when you hide your extra house key under the flowerpot or hollowed newel post. A seasoned burglar knows just the places to look.

Ladders. This is a way of easy access to the upper level, and people usually leave windows or balcony doors unlocked due to the difficulty of scaling a building.

Tools or easy-to-throw objects. Even if your house wasn’t targeted, leaving things like this outside can “invite” a passing thief to break in, especially if they don’t see a car in the driveway or lights on.

Simple Security Additions

You don’t have to break the bank by installing a stat-of-the-art security system or burglar alarm. Simply find some security system stickers in the entryway windows, it’s easy enough to order them online or ask a friend who has a system. If you want to so a simpler, slightly dramatic, route you can purchase a classic “Beware of Dog” sign for a few bucks at any hardware store.

Window Treatments

Installing Halcyon shades and films over windows and glass doors keeps your home private. This makes burglars second guess whether anyone is home and they will most likely move onto a home that they can gain quick access to without anyone surprising them. Window shades are a great choice for securing your small business as well.

Halcyon Shades specialize in providing window treatments that offer security, privacy and functionality to every home or business. For more details call Halcyon Shades at (877) 977-4271.