Everything is programmable these days. So why wouldn’t you program your blinds as well? Motorized blinds are an easy and quick upgrade that can cut out that annoying struggle with cords and maneuvering between furniture to reach the windows.

Safety Benefits of Motorization

With kids and pets running around your house, safety is always on your mind. Motorized shades set on a timer make your home appear occupied even when you’re away, making a break-in less likely and giving you peace of mind. Plus, the cordless feature keep kids and pets from messing around with your shades, adding a little less stress to your day.

Style of Programmed Shades

Previous versions of motorized blinds were only in offices and hospitals and the style was less than to be desired. Styles have changed so much since then, now you can have the fabric and style you love with the efficiency you want. Adding programmed motorized shades to your home lets you keep your beautiful home’s aesthetic minus the messy cords.

Integrating Shades into Your Home

Motorized shades have the benefit of being controlled by just one button, they also have the benefit of integrating into any programmed system you have in place. No smart home is complete without shades that can be controlled from the same spot as the lights, shower and stereo. Motorized Halcyon Shades can be programmed with a sun sensor to adjust your blinds at any time of day, whether you’re at home or not, to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Whether you have a low-tech life that just needs a little extra help or your house is constantly in a state of the newest electronic upgrade, the one thing they have in common is that they can benefit from programmed window shades.

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