Studies have linked patient health to the ability to be close to nature. At the same time, hospital privacy remains a concern, as does hospital security. Halcyon Shades has a solution for these concerns.

Hospital Privacy and Halcyon Shades

Hospital privacy is one aspect of hospital security that staff members treat with extreme caution. Many laws have been enacted to help promote hospital privacy, and considerable penalties may ensue if hospital security measures fail in this respect. Halcyon Shades recognizes the significance of hospital privacy. That’s why they provide products that are designed to protect patients from the potentially intrusive gaze of visitors.

Hospital Security

Halcyon Shades also recognizes how important hospital security is to staff and how it can promote patient health. Administration places a premium on hospital security so that patients can rest easy, knowing that they are in a safe environment. Halcyon Shades makes window coverings that enhance hospital security while also promoting patient health.

Motorized, Programmable Window Shades

Because having access to a natural setting is crucial to patient health, Halcyon Shades has created motorized, programmable window shades. These products not only provide a necessary element of hospital security, but also promote patient health by allowing access to natural sunlight and a view of the world outside the hospital room.

Motorized Shades and Hospital Privacy

A touch of a button is all that’s required to change the position of motorized blinds made by Halcyon Shades. When medical personnel enters a room to check on patient health, the blinds can be closed to allow for privacy. Patients can also easily control the blinds in their room when they’d like more natural light or when they’d like a darker environment for sleeping.

Halcyon Shades specializes in providing window treatments that offer security, privacy and functionality to hospital rooms. For more details about our variety of window shades and blinds call Halcyon Shades at (877) 977-4271.