When shopping for window shades for all seasons, there are certain things you’ll want to look for. For example, you’ll want something energy efficient. This helps you keep control of home energy costs as they have a tendency to lower and rise with the seasons.

Blocking Out Light, UV Rays, and Heat

Next, you want shades that block light and UV rays. The window treatments should also work well to keep heat from coming in and warming up a cooled down home. This gives you greater control of the climate that you’re in, making it more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool throughout the seasons.

Durability is Key

Plastic window shades seldom last as long as woven wood shades or roman shades do. That’s why it’s important to take into account how long the window treatments last and how well they stand up to the different seasons. This is one consideration that saves you time and money.


You also want to choose window shades for the seasons that are easy-to-install. Once in place, you should be able to lower and raise them without difficulty. This gives you greater control over the amount of light streaming in as well as the temperature of the rooms you spend time in.

Choose Window Shades That are Easy to Clean

You want to choose window shades that are easy to clean. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and the frustration of deep cleaning your window treatments. When the weather is exceptionally hot, you’ll want to keep the shades up during that season to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Taking these items down off your windows to clean can make your home energy costs rise. You’re losing energy efficiency by having uncovered windows in your home during the summer seasons. Shop for blinds that you can clean while they’re hung on a window versus ones you take down to clean.

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