At Halcyon Shades, we’d like to set the record straight about the shade/commercial window tinting debate: shades are better across the board for a number of reasons.

Choosing the right window treatments for your business can offer many benefits you may not have considered. By providing both insulating and cooling effects, in addition to blocking out excessive light and offering privacy, Halcyon’s energy-efficient shades are the perfect commercial solution for your business. 


Our window covering solutions are so effective they have the potential to earn your building up to nine LEED points. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient, using less energy, and as an added bonus, they save money.

Our method is simple: our shades act as natural, radiant barrier envelopes, helping to keep the cold air out during winter months, and trapping heat inside where it’s most needed. Our window tinting solutions also work to keep your commercial building cool and comfortable during warmer months. While commercial window tinting can contribute towards a building becoming a greener structure, this solution is a more permanent fixture in your building, requiring a larger commitment from business owners.


Although commercial window tinting and shades are both great additions to your commercial operation, shades are far more versatile. They have the ability to be easily moved from window to another, making them ideal for when it’s time to redesign or renovate your office. Additionally, unlike commercial window tinting, our shades can be manually or motor-operated. With the click of a button, our shades can lift and close according to sun movement. If the office is shutting down for Christmas break or another holiday, the timed settings features can be used to open and close the shades, something that cannot be done with commercial window tinting.


Lower light levels due to our efficient shades result in reduced glare on computer screens, which helps to increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. Window shades allow you to adjust the levels of light coming into the building to maximize productivity, making them a better product for enhancing the efficiency of your business than window tinting.


If your commercial operation is in need of additional security, shades can help. Although some window tinting solutions have the ability to prevent unwanted onlookers from peering inside your business, they also create a skewed representation of what is going on outside your building. These window tinting effects prevent a real-life look at the outside surroundings, and they also decrease your building’s security. With our window coverings, you get to see what is actually happening outdoors, without onlookers being able to peer inside your building. Benefits like these put the shades vs. window tinting debate to rest, making your decision simple.

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Any office or other commercial building can benefit from making the transition from commercial window tinting to Halcyon Shades. From improving efficiency and security, to helping your commercial enterprise become more productive, you’ll be amazed at the difference our commercial window shades will make for your business.

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