A set of curtains that beautifully complement your bedroom decor might look terribly out of place in your kitchen, just as a set of wooden cord blinds well-suited for the bathroom probably won’t do in the nursery. Each room in your house has different shade needs based on which direction it’s facing, the room’s decoration, or the type of room it is – whether its function is to sleep, to entertain, or to study, the right window treatment can greatly contribute to the purpose of the room.

Observe the Light

Is it a room where people sleep? Is it a room positioned to receive an obnoxious amount of glaring sunset beams? Some windowed rooms receive very little light, and some seem to be 30 degrees hotter by that peak afternoon time and almost require that you wear sunglasses indoors. The degree of light which seeps in through your windows will vary from room to room, and have a great effect on which type of shades you end up buying.

Factor in Cost

Are all the windows in the house getting treatments, or just one? Your budget is a particularly important factor to consider, as window treatments can get pricey. If all the windows are being redone, consider spending more on the bigger or more easily seen windows, and going cheaper where the visual appeal matters less to you.

Consider Privacy

Rooms on the first floor in particular need to be protected for privacy’s sake. It’s ideal for all rooms in your house to be off-limits to nosy neighbors peeking in through the windows, but in particular you want to make sure your bedrooms and bathrooms can easily maintain privacy. If blackout blinds are not to your liking, there are a number of shades and blinds that can block all outsiders from looking in while still allowing light to flow through.

Make for Simple Maintenance

Some blinds are easier to clean than others. When choosing your window treatment, take into account how much cleaning time you’re willing to devote to your blinds or shades. Smooth plastic or metal blinds don’t require the detailed cleaning that textured blinds do, and darker colors hide stains more easily than white blinds will.

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