Beyond providing quality education to kids, schools have another responsibility: keeping those kids safe and healthy while in school. At Halcyon Shades, we believe that sun shades can actually play an important role in creating a safe and comfortable environment for kids in schools.

Sun Shades for Better Schools

Kids tend to get a lot of sun exposure – more so than adults – because of the amount of time they spend outside playing. Some estimates even suggest that up to 80% of sun damage causing premature aging happens before the age of twenty. With skin cancer risks always a concern, this is an issue that schools shouldn’t take lightly. Understanding the importance of protecting kids from harmful UV and finding unique ways to deal with this issue should be a priority.

Sun shades are a great option for schools, both inside and on the playground. Schools can use sun shades in creative ways to help protect kids from overexposure to the sun. When used in outdoor areas, sun shades can provide essential sun protection and make recess a more pleasant time during even the hottest days.

  • Kids can play safely outside for longer periods
  • High-quality shades block up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Sun shades help keep playground equipment cooler on hot days
  • Protect playground equipment from weather deterioration.

In addition, sun shades are a great choice for schools’ windows, as their UV-blocking materials help protect kids and teachers alike from the sun’s damaging rays while inside. We can’t think of a better way to keep harmful UV rays at bay.

Sun Shade Solutions for Your School

At Halcyon Shades, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, UV-blocking sun shades to schools, businesses and more. We believe that our sun shades can truly make a positive difference for your building. Contact us today in the St. Louis area to learn more about our wide selection of sun shades. Call (314) 282-8088.