You may think you have your business security all set, with everything from airtight passwords and encryption to anti-virus software. Today, with the amount of business and important data that is kept online, there is no doubt that technological security is essential. However, when thinking about security it’s important not to neglect physical security by focusing solely on technology. When thinking about physical security measures, window shades can be a great place to start.

3 Security Benefits of Window Shades

1. Keep People From Looking In

The basic function of window shades it to provide coverage for your windows. This can go way beyond light control, however, and can actually act as a security function by preventing outsiders from seeing inside your building. It is much more difficult to perform a break-in if you have no idea what the layout of the building is, and the right window shades prevent intruders from getting this opportunity. That means potential intruders won’t be able to see where certain rooms or offices are located, as well as where any valuable equipment, hardware or files may be kept.

2. You Have a Good View of Individuals Approaching the Building

The secure window shades at Halcyon Shades are unique in that they keep outsiders seeing in, while still allowing those in the building to see outside. Why is this important? Security personnel, as in addition to others working in the building, cannot be forewarned of an oncoming security risk if they cannot see outside of the building. With window shades from Halcyon, employees and security personnel alike will be able to view what is going on outside the building while sitting safely inside.

3. The Illusion of Activity Even When the Business is Closed

A third security advantage of window shades is that they can give an empty office the illusion of activity even while the office is closed. This is an essential security feature for businesses where break-ins are a concern. By setting window shades to go up and down on varied timers, potential intruders can be fooled into thinking that there are still people around the office, which can help to deter break-ins.

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