Schools use a significant amount of energy due to operational costs. Schools are typically large, spread out and deal with a lot of different people and equipment. In order to keep a school running, a lot of energy is used to support lighting, air conditioning, heating and more. With school budgets always tight, it is important for administrators to look for ways to reasonably reduce energy use and save money without sacrificing anything necessary to the quality of the children’s education. These useful energy-saving tips may seem small, but they will add up quickly to help schools conserve energy and save money.

Energy-Saving Tips to Help Your School

Turn it Off!

One of the easiest ways to save energy is to turn off things that use electricity when they are not in use. This may seem almost too simple, but it really works. Implement a policy in your school to turn off all lights that aren’t currently in use or necessary. This includes indoor and outdoor lighting. You should also consider turning off unnecessary equipment, like computers, whenever they are not being used. Rather than letting computers stay on over night and over school holidays, make sure that all computers are off. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your energy bills.

Remove Unnecessary Equipment

A lot of teachers and other staff members may bring in personal equipment like mini-fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, and more. This costs the school energy, especially with teachers leave these personal items plugged in 24/7. Ask teachers to remove these items during breaks from school, like summer vacation, in order to save energy.

Use Energy-Efficient Products

Another simple change schools can make is to slowly weed out inefficient lighting and other systems. Simply adding energy-efficient light bulbs can save an enormous amount of energy over time. Plus, it’s an easy change to make.

In addition to these tips, we encourage schools to look at more energy-efficient window treatment options. By investing in better window treatments, schools and increase energy efficiency by better insulating the windows and lowering energy bills over time.

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