Google’s Kirkland campus has seen a huge transformation in recent months with the addition of a fourth 180,000 square foot building, which doubled the campus’s size. While the Kirkland campus is far away from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, it has all the high-quality and innovative features you would expect from an important Google office.

Google Building Offers Workplace Benefits

Employees at Google Kirkland get perks like an on-site gym with personal trainers, massage chairs, and even an in-office doctor. The campus has multiple rock walls along with its gym for those who want to do more than run on a treadmill. Boosting employee morale are the campu’s coffee laboratory and Game of Thrones themed conference room. Down to every last detail, it is clear that the Kirkland buildings are built with the employees in mind.

Besides the morale-boosting and entertainment factors, Google also put a priority on creating a sustainable new building that would integrate perfectly into the existing campus. Google partnered with SRM Development and DLR Group for the design of this new development that will allow for double the workforce than before. One of the ¬†most important parts of the project was to meet Google’s high goals for sustainability. This includes the careful selection of healthy materials to meet the standars established by Pharos. Google also put emphasis on achieving the LEED Gold certification.

A part of that new energy efficient plan ended up being the¬†installation of 540 Halcyon Shades in Google’s new building in Kirkland. Halcyon Shades is proud to use state-of-the-art technology in our products that makes our window shades ideal for for any green building plan.

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