New energy initiatives have been sweeping the nation over recent years due to increased awareness and concern about how we use our energy and its effect on the environment. Government agencies have spearheaded both national and state-level initiatives aiming to decrease energy usage and find cleaner sources of energy. These initiatives often affect businesses by giving businesses and companies goals on lowering energy usage over a period of several years.

Better Buildings Initiative & Title 24

The Better Buildings Initiative┬áchallenges businesses, universities, and state and local government leaders to help lead the U.S. to achieve 20% in energy savings over a period of ten years. So far, 250 organizations have taken up the Better Buildings Challenge. Additionally, the Better Buildings Initiative extends the challenge to the federal government itself, hoping to lead by example. The administration’s goal for the federal government goes through 2025, with a target of a 40% reduction in GHG emissions, 30% in the use of renewable electricity, and 25% improved building efficiency.

Title 24 refers to the state of California’s building energy code standard. Building energy codes are set to help ensure that construction and installation of buildings achieves a certain level of energy efficiency. This applies to both residential and nonresidential buildings. Title 24 has been updated several times in recent years to reflect new goals towards energy efficiency. The most significant energy efficiency improvements that Title 24 has asked of nonresidential buildings involves more efficient lighting controls, windows, HVAC equipment, and building commissioning.

Halcyon Helping Companies Meet New Energy Requirements

Between state and federal building requirements for improved energy efficiency, many businesses are struggling to keep up with the demands and achieve the goals set by the government. Halcyon Shades is proud to help businesses achieve better energy efficiency standards for their windows in order to comply with new energy initiatives. Call Halcyon Shades today at (877) 977-4271 to learn how we can help your business.