At Halcyon, we are enthusiastic about our solar shades. Why? They are much more effective than traditional window treatments, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to see how. Not sure that solar shades are right for your building? Read on for five facts you didn’t know about solar shades, and you might just change your mind.

  1. They keep your home cool in the summer. Did you know that up to 50% of solar heating enters a building through the glass in the windows? (American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers). The solar heat that enters through windows can account for up to 20% of your air conditioner’s burden. That adds up to a lot of money. However, solar shades eliminate up to 97% of solar heat gain by absorbing and reflecting UV rays.
  2. They reduce glare from the sun. Solar shades were designed to eliminate glare from sunlight and block harmful UV rays, while preserving the view outside. Why is this important? A reduction of UV rays means that furniture, carpets, and decor will be protected from fading. Plus, there is less harmful sun exposure to the building’s occupants.
  3. They’re used by the military. Many military bases and offices trust solar shades to add to their security measures. They often rely on solar shades to offer additional protection against thermographic imaging and outside surveillance.
  4. The material was first developed by NASA. Think of those famous, awe-inspiring photos of the astronaut on the moon with a gleaming helmet. The very same technology that was developed by NASA to shield and protect astronauts’ eyes from the blinding light of the sun is what makes solar shades so powerful.
  5. They work in the winter, too. While the name “solar shades” may lead some to believe that they are only good for keeping out heat in the summer, in reality solar shades do much more than that. Over the winter months, the material traps a significant amount of heat inside the building, which helps to maintain warmer indoor temperatures and give the heating system a break.

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