Have you ever considered installing motorized shades to your home’s windows? Motorized window shades may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that they are surprisingly affordable, easy to use, and come with many benefits that make them well worth the money.

They’re convenient

Imagine being able to control all your window treatments with the push of a button. Could it get any easier or more convenient? Hard-to-reach windows will never be a problem again. You’ll no longer have to run through the house before leaving to make sure that all the shades are closed, meaning that late mornings won’t be quite so late. Motorized window shades are also great for the elderly or those with disabilities who have difficulty moving around. They will now be able to control the window shades from the comfort of bed. Additionally, motorized shades can be set to a timer, meaning that even when you’re away from home you have control over when your shades are open or closed.

They increase security

When spending time away from home, whether it’s simply going to work all day or going away for a week on vacation, security is always a priority. You want to make it appear as though someone is home in order to deter potential intruders. Leaving shades down can be a sign that no one is at home. In addition to setting automated lighting, now with motorized and programmable window shades, you can set various shades throughout the house to open and close throughout the day. That way, potential intruders scoping out your home will be more likely to think that someone is at home and decide not to attempt a break in.

They’ll increase your home’s value

The benefits of motorized window shades extend beyond your time living in the home. Whenever your family is ready to sell, this high-tech feature will increase the home’s value and attract potential buyers. They add an energy-efficient and functional feature to any home, plus they are fun to show off during an open house.

They make mornings easier

It’s hard to get up in the morning. And that ringing alarm? It’s a jarring way to wake up and start the day. Programmed motorized window shades make mornings easier. Rather than an annoying alarm, let the sunlight be your cue to get up. It’s also great for the kids. If you have trouble getting your kids up for school in the mornings, simply set the window shades to open when it’s time for them to get up, and let the sunlight do all the work for you.

Motorized Window Shades by Halcyon Shades

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