Now that it is officially fall, and the days are starting to get shorter and cooler, it’s time to start thinking ahead towards the colder months. Right now is the perfect time to get your home prepared for the winter before the weather turns bad. With just a few simple tips you can ensure that your home will be comfortable all winter long, with minimal heating bills.

Ceiling Fan Reversal

You may think that your ceiling fans are only useful for warmer weather, but a simple trick will have you utilizing house ceiling fans all year round. Some ceiling fans have a reverse switch, which makes the blades fun in a clockwise direction. When those first cold nights hit, turn your fans on reverse. The reversal of direction helps to produce an updraft in the room that will push down the warmer are. Hot air rises, so this updraft will reverse that natural effect, making the room seem warmer. This trick might even make it comfortable to turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees. Hello, energy savings!

Fill in the Gaps

Fall is the perfect time to pay attention to doors and windows. Take care of any maintenance or other work that needs to be done before the temperatures turn too cold, rather than waiting around and withstanding another drafty winter. If you see any gaps between the siding and door or window frames, fill in those spaces with new caulking. Window and doors will let out a lot of heat in the winter if not properly cared for. Taking this simple step now will help keep your home warm this winter.

Upgrade Window Shades

As we mentioned above, windows tend to let out a lot of heat in cold weather. While windows are a wonderful feature in any home, they also can be a huge energy drain. This is especially true in older homes where the windows have not been recently updated or properly insulated. One of the easiest, simplest ways to ensure that your windows are energy-efficient this winter is to invest in high-quality window shades. The right window shades will add a valuable layer of insulation to protect your home from the cold.

Window Shades in St. Louis

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