As the summer comes to a close and kids head back to school, many parents are sending their kids away to college for the first time. College dorm rooms tend to be very basic and boring in their decor. Many college kids seek to spruce up their rooms with added personality and functionality. Here are our tips for making the best of a dull dorm room!

Simple Wall Updates

While you might not be able to paint the dorm room walls, there are many other options for adding color and charm to that boring white drywall. Wall decals and adhesive stickers are a perfect option because they are easy to install and remove. The options are limitless, from flowers to your favorite team mascot. If you really want a whole new wall, try removable wallpaper to add a bold splash of color. You can even buy inexpensive cotton fabric, cut it to size, and apply it to the walls with a paint roller and liquid starch. This inexpensive option will have your walls looking chic all year until it’s time to move out. On move out day, simply peel the fabric off the walls.

Dorm room windows are just as important as the walls, if not more so. Dorm room windows typically come either empty or with standard, cheap blinds. These blinds never cut out enough light for a restful night’s sleep. Often it is easy to replace those cheap blinds with better shades or curtains. By updating the window shades you can count on a more restful night’s sleep, as well as a better insulated room.

Use Space Wisely

One of the biggest problems with dorm rooms is that they are often cramped, with little space for storage. Luckily, most dorm bunk beds are able to be lofted. This frees up valuable space underneath the bed where you can place a desk, dresser, or futon. If you don’t want to loft your bed, but still want some extra storage room, try bed risers. These raise the bed just slightly, giving extra room underneath to fit boxes or other forms of storage. Also, don’t be afraid to move furniture around and rearrange the room until it’s just right. Simply moving one piece of furniture from one part of the room to the other can make a huge difference.

Memory Makers

Hanging up pictures is one of the best ways to make a dorm room more like home. Whether you want to cover the entire wall with pictures, hang them from clips on a clothesline, or simply put them in nice frames, you have unlimited options towards personalizing the space with pictures.


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