Energy costs are one of the biggest drains on a business’s profits. Unlike other areas of a business, spending more money on energy will not make up for itself in increased profitability. Finding ways to reduce energy use and costs will free up business assets to be spent on more profitable areas that will result in a much better return on investing (ROI) for any business. Wondering where to start? Here are four tips on how to reduce your business’s energy use.

1. Turn off the Lights

The electricity used by the multitude of lights it takes to keep a business running takes up a big part of your energy bill. Buying energy-efficient LED light bulbs is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly reduce energy costs. However, it is also important to educate employees about the importance of reducing energy use through efficient lighting usage. Encourage employees to turn off the lights of any rooms when they are not in use, such as the bathrooms or a conference room. By simply turning off the lights and only keeping lights on in a room when it is in use, you will be amazed at the savings you can attain. Plus, you’re doing a favor for the environment!

2. Efficient Heating & Cooling

If it makes sense for your business’s finances, upgrading the HVAC system is a move that, in the long run, will save you a lot of money by making your whole heating and cooling system more efficient. Automated HVAC systems provide incredible savings by automatically heating and cooling the building in the most efficient way and detecting the usage of certain rooms within the building and adjusting accordingly. However, for many businesses it is not realistic to replace the entire HVAC system unless absolutely necessary. Even if you cannot make this big move, simply taking the best care possible of the existing system is the next best thing. Regularly schedule maintenance checks, and be sure to keep filters and vents clean at all times, in order to get the best use out of the existing system.

3. Better use of Appliances

Energy Star appliances are an investing worth making. They provide the most energy-efficient use of appliances and can make a big difference in saving energy on the use of various appliances throughout the office, such as in the kitchen. Stress to employees the importance of unplugging all appliances when not in use, as plugs can drain energy from the electrical socket even when the appliance is turned off.

4. The Importance of Window Shades

Did you know that window shades can save your business money? UV rays from the sun during the warmer months increase the heat in your building, making the air conditioning unit work much harder to keep the space cool. In the winter, windows drain heat out of the building as they are not an efficient source of insulation for the building. This causes drafts of cold air to enter the building and make your heating system run less efficiently. The right shades will provide added insulation to keep inside air in and outside air out, as well as block the sun’s harmful rays. Installing energy-efficient shades is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy bills for any business.

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