A Waterfront Home with Great Views & A Glare

A homeowner in the Florida Keys loved their waterfront home. The views of the Atlantic Ocean were spectacular, but the glare in the morning shined right on their big screen television. This was a critical problem because they had a 2 year old who had to watch The Mickey Mouse Club at 9AM in the morning. Young Andrew could miss Bob the Builder but missing the Mickey Mouse Club was a deal breaker. The young man’s mother Samantha called our customer service department after finding our website https://halcyonshades.com. She wanted her son to be able to enjoy his program, but here’s the catch they also wanted to enjoy the beautiful view of the open ocean.

A Kitchen That Was Too Hot

fighting glare and summer heatUnfortunately they had one other minor problem. The back of the house faced East which meant the front of the house faced West. When Samantha would get home from work and started to prepare dinner for her family the sun shined through the kitchen window right in her face. Also the heat in the late afternoon made the kitchen downright hot. The bedroom on that side of the house was more like a sauna than a bedroom for their guests who came to visit.

A Solution

She had read on the website about the Radiant Barrier technology used by Halcyon Shades to stop the heat coming in through the windows. She figured if it worked for the NASA Space Program it might solve her problems. Her husband measured all the windows, and the order was sent to them by a Halcyon Shades Dealer. Her husband installed the shades, and now Andrew can watch his program, Samantha can prepare dinner, and Pop Pop and Nana don’t swelter when they come to visit. So if you’re ever in Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys look Samantha up, and ask her about her Halcyon Shades.