A business can all too easily become a target for burglary or intrusion by professionals who know how to look for a building’s weak spots. Luckily, having a 24-hour security guard is not the only way to protect a building against outside intrusion. A few simple and cost-effective fixes can bolster any building’s security and make the information, products, and employees in your business safer. Read on to discover how you can improve business security for your building today.

Business Security Tips

  • Eyes around the building. Installing security cameras around the outside of the building provides a big deterrent to would-be intruders. Even just the sight of a camera nearby will make criminals think twice before attempting to break in, adding greatly to business security. In addition, use outside lighting with motion detection units so that when a thief approaches the building, lights will come on. The intruder won’t want to be so exposed to passersby, and is more likely to head to another, less visible building.
  • Smart landscaping. Plan landscaping so that criminals won’t find any hiding spots on the property. This means keeping the property in good shape, with minimized landscaping. Overgrown grass and shrubs not only give intruders a hiding place, but they also advertise that you are more likely to be neglecting in business security. Also consider putting a fence around the perimeter of the property. Ensure that it is high enough to deter anyone from jumping over, and that it is locked during the business’s off hours.
  • Secure entrances. Make sure to install high security locks and keys. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the familiar “do not duplicate” engraved keys are safe. On the contrary, it’s very easy to duplicate these keys. You won’t find the real high security locks and keys at the average hardware store. These are available only through secure and authorized distributors. These true high security locks and keys can’t be duplicated except from the authorized distributor, making them much more secure. However, the security of a building’s entrances goes beyond the locks and keys. In fact, often intruders manage to get into the building behind the heels of employees. Educate employees to be personally responsible upon entering or exiting the building to be sure that no unknown person is allowed to enter.
  • Window shades. The right window shades can transform your windows from a security risk to a major asset to business security. Window shades allow employees to approach to visually survey any visitor to the building before their entrance. The person outside is not able to see inside the building, which provides additional security. Possible intruders are less likely to make the attempt when they cannot see what is going on inside the building beforehand.

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