Advantages of Window Shades

You might be surprised at the effects your choice of window treatment can have on your business. On the surface this might seem like a simple and unimportant choice, but in reality there are many different factors to consider when making your choice. You have to think about security and privacy for your building, the style and atmosphere you want to evoke, and how the treatments might affect the energy use of the building.

Energy Efficiency

For the most energy-efficient type of window treatment, hands down shades are the way to go. It’s all in the design of the shades. Some shades have the ability to even earn a building up to nine LEED points. By acting as a natural barrier against the outside elements, keeps cold air out and warmer air locked in during the cold winter months. And during the summer? Not only do window shades help to keep the hot air out, but they also block the sun’s rays, limiting the UV light that can get through. In addition to making your building more energy-efficient and cutting your business’s energy bills, you will be able to be proud of having a “greener” building that is better for the environment.


Unlike with window tinting, there is a huge variety of styles and looks for window shades. You will always be able to find just the right shade to enhance the atmosphere of your business. You want your customers and clients to have the right impression when they walk into your business, and the choice of window treatments can have a major effect on their first impressions. Modern shade options, such as motorized shades, are a choice for businesses. These window shades are perfect for those times when the building might be closed for the holidays, as it is easy to make sure they are all closed.


When it comes to security for your building, shades are always a better option than window tinting. With window shades, you always have complete control over how much of your business can be seen from the outside, so you never need to worry about the privacy or security of business meetings being in jeopardy. The security of your business is always of the utmost importance, so why not switch to the window treatment option that will give you the most peace of mind?

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