Can “Green” be Beautiful?

Energy efficient and “green” homes are all the rage, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to save money on household bills while contributing towards a healthy environment? Technology for energy efficient homes and buildings has skyrocketed in recent years, and from smart homes to simple solar panels it seems that these “green” features are everywhere. But in the race to be the “greenest,” some seem to be forgetting one important detail: people want their homes to be beautiful. After all, the home is where the heart is. Your home is where you come to rest after a long day’s work; your home is where you raise your family. Your home should fit your sense of style and comfort.

Balancing Style and Function

So, how can you set up energy efficient features in your home without it ending up looking like an industrial zone? It’s all about balancing style and function in a way that reflects both the look you want for your home and your desire to live in an energy and cost efficient way.

One simple and easy fix is to consider the paint color of the exterior of your home. Is it light or dark? If you live in a warm environment, a light color will reflect the hot sun’s rays and help your home stay cooler. If you live in a colder environment, a darker paint color will absorb more heat, saving you money during a long winter. Your best bet is to pick a paint color that not only makes sense in your environment, but also fits your personal sense of style.

Another idea to consider is installing cool roofs. This is a feature that works best in a warm environment. Cool roofs contain reflective materials that are efficient in reflecting sunlight, which can greatly reduce your air conditioning costs.

What About Your Windows?

Your choice of window treatments can potentially have a huge effect on your energy bill, for better or for worse. Do your research on various types of materials and colors in order to make the right, and most energy efficient, choice for your home. For the best results consult a professional who can guide you through the process and explain the pros and cons of each option. With the right choice of window treatment, your home will be more beautiful than ever, and your energy efficiency scale will go through the roof!

Need More Window Help?

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