For as much as we worry about getting sunburned outdoors during the summer, we think little about the effect of UV rays on our skin indoors. Known as the cause of many types of skin cancer, too much sun doesn’t help anyone. So, what do you do to protect yourself from UV rays coming through the glass of your windows? You replace windows with laminated and green colored glass. You also make good use of window shades.

The right type of glass protects you from the harsh sun rays that damage skin. It blocks UV rays. The type of window shades you buy make a big difference as well. Our window shades are perfect for blocking 99 percent of UV rays. They’re ideal for preventing sunburn by helping to block out light.  Halcyon Shades are perfect for bedrooms and home theaters, because they block 97 percent of the glare that comes through windows..

Risk for Redness

Some risk factors for sunburn include fair skin, living or vacationing in sunny locations, and history of sunburn. If you take a photosensitizing medication, you’re more likely to get burned. In addition to wearing sunscreen, make sure your home is properly outfitted with window shades for hot days.

Signs and symptoms of sunburn range in intensity. Most people have pinkness or redness, warm or hot skin, pain, tenderness or itching, and swelling. Sunburns also cause blistering, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue.

It’s time to see a doctor if your sunburn covers a large part of your body. If you have a high fever, extreme pain or headache, seek medical care. Draining blisters are also a sign of a terrible sunburn. Left untreated, it causes major problems.

Window shades and tinted glass make a huge difference in cooling your home and protecting you from damaging UV rays. Look into your options and make sure your windows are adequately covered with window shades.

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