Creating a comfortable and safe environment for customers is the first rule of thumb for successful restaurants. Keeping that in mind, how do you make the selection process less grueling? Are their things a restaurant owner needs to know about window shades to make shopping for them more convenient?

The answer is yes! As a restaurant owner, you control what type of shades are showcased throughout your establishment. Fire codes dictate what types of materials are acceptable. Once you familiarize yourself with flame retardant materials, you’ll want to determine what is most important to you when it comes to window shades.

A Comfortable Experience for Your Patrons

Your restaurant patrons look to have an experience whenever they dine out. They don’t want to melt in the hot sun, squint at their tablemates or be under the watchful eye of nosy passersby. That’s why it’s important to select solar window shades. They allow the restaurant customers and employees to adjust the amount of light streaming in.
Commercial window shades vary in color, size, and materials. Finding the design that meets your restaurant needs is easy. More importantly, window shades save energy. On sunny days, use natural light in place of artificial lighting in your restaurante. In colder months, raise shades and let sunlight warm patrons as they wait for their meals.

Window Shades to Protect Your Business and Your Patrons’ Health

Window shades protect skin as well as maintain privacy. Block harmful UV rays by lowering shades. Too much exposure to the sun makes paintings, furniture, wallpaper, paint, and carpet deteriorate. Halycon window shades are perfect for your restaurant because they block out 99.9 percent of UV rays.

Choosing the Right Window Shades Is Easy

Choosing shades for your restaurant is far easier than it sounds. Keep in mind they need to be flame-retardant, made from quality materials, easy to lower and raise, and good at blocking out harmful UV rays. It also doesn’t hurt to select window shades that match your décor and create ambiance in your restaurant.