Want to know how to prevent sun damage to your floors? It’s rather easy. Close your shades! Window blinds and curtains shield your home and business from too much sunlight. Simple additions of window treatments prevent sun damage.

During the hottest time of day, control the temperature of the room by letting down the shades. Apply the same concept and preserve the natural beauty of your hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs. A little prevention goes a long way in keeping your home and business looking great.

Here are some tips used to prevent sun damage:

• Replace old windows. Make sure they have a high Fade Protect Factor (FPF) rating. Good windows filter out a majority of UV light, the number one culprit that fades floors and carpets. The right window and window treatment allows you to create artificial shade and prevent sun damage.

• Use window film. It creates an additional barrier that prevents sun damage from ruining the beautiful details of your home or business. Solar films offer up to 99% UV protection. Home furnishings last longer because this simple addition prevents sun damage.

• More shades. If you don’t have a window treatment on every window in your home or business, you need to ask yourself why. Shades are designed to let certain amounts of sunlight into a room. You control the light and heat that enters the room by noting what times of day are the sunniest and adjusting shades by lowering or raising it to prevent sun damage.

Keep sun damage from destroying your hardwood floors and carpets by letting down or partially closing your shades throughout the day. Not only does it help keep energy costs down, it also preserves the beautiful nature of the hardwood and fibers in your home or business. Be mindful of how much light enters a room by noting on a piece of paper the brightest and sunniest hours of the day. Adjust shades as needed.