Business and property owners who are going “green” may choose to pursue LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. The Council investigates buildings to determine their sustainability level and their dedication to energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. There are specific requirements a building must meet to become eligible for LEED certification, one of which is maintaining a proper indoor temperature without expending too much energy. Halcyon Shades provide convenient, attractive, and efficient window coverings that can contribute up to nine points toward the LEED certification.


LEED Certification Requirements

Buildings must meet specific criteria to receive this energy efficiency certification. They must be of a certain square footage, be completely permanent structures, have a minimum occupancy rate, and can only include a certain percentage of on built land surrounding the project. Each sustainable or environmentally conscious decision made for the property earns points toward LEED recognition. Basic certification requires 40 points, while platinum certification requires 80 or above.


How Halcyon Shades Can Help

One way to get up to nine points quickly is to install window coverings from Halcyon Shades, which help immensely to block out both heat from the sun and UV rays. Many commercial and office buildings have large windows, and covering them properly reduces the amount of work the heating and cooling systems must do to maintain the indoor temperature. This not only makes the entire building more energy efficient, but also saves money on the company’s overhead.

Halcyon Shades are more than just decorative window covers. Technological research has gone into the materials they are created from in order to maximize insulation and UV ray blockage for any room. The shades are custom-made for the client’s needs, which means they will expertly fit the desired shade to each window to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The shades reduce energy expenses much better than window tinting.


Let Our Team Help You

Energy efficiency saves more than a company or property owner’s money. Choosing Halcyon window shades to block out heat, cold and UV rays can provide a boost toward LEED certification, and promotes sustainability.

Halcyon Shades of St. Louis, Missouri, can evaluate your building and develop a window shade solution that works for you.Green Building - Sustainable Living


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