Many schools have implemented sun shades because they are a great way to keep harmful UV rays away from teachers and students. But they are also an effective and affordable way for schools to increase their security. Read on to learn how sun shades from Halcyon Shades can make a dramatic impact on the safety of schools.

How Window Treatments Help


Simple as it is, the visual obstruction that sun shades provide is an invaluable factor for increasing student and teacher safety. If a potentially dangerous person can simply look in the window and see that a classroom is occupied, he has knowledge that could help him to threaten the security of the school. Sun shades allow students to see out the window while they prevent people from seeing in. This keeps information about the size of the class, the classroom activities and the daily routine of the class far more private, which prevents a potentially threatening individual from formulating a plan based off of that information.

Security-Enhancing Sun Shades for Schools

Anyone who turns on the news regularly can understand why schools are looking for ways to enhance security. Some of these measures, like arming teachers, are extremely controversial and could be quite expensive. Other security measures, like installing sun shades on school windows, are so simple and affordable that it is a simple choice for school administrators. They even have the added benefit of increasing energy savings for schools while protecting students and faculty from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Protect Students With Sun Shades

When you need sun shades for academic institutions, look no further than Halcyon Shades of St. Louis, Missouri. We provide quick and efficient delivery and installation service to help you get the protection students need now.

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