Don’t succumb to the misconception that programmable shades are only reserved for commercial spaces. In an era where home automation rules, programmable shades can help revolutionize your personal living space. Never experienced programmable shades firsthand? Not to worry; we are here to share all the great benefits with you.

Benefits of Programmable Shades

Enhanced Security

With the holiday season just around the corner, it becomes more important than ever to prevent unwanted outsiders from looking inside your home. Whether you are headed out of town for vacation or you are simply not able to make it home before it gets dark outside, you don’t have to worry. Automated shades are your extra safeguard, helping reduce your chances of residential burglary. Because they are programmable, they can rise and lower when you are not home.

Energy Savings

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it is nice to enjoy raised shades, which let in natural light during the day. Once it is nighttime, though, it is important to keep your home’s heat inside, where it belongs. If you lead a busy life that makes it hard to remember the little things like the raising and lowering of shades, our automated shade solutions will wow you. With the ability to program your shades to rise with the sun and close with the sunset, you will never have to settle for anything but the utmost convenience. As a result of your new routine, our insulating window coverings will help keep heat inside when you need it most.

Your Shades, Your Way

The great thing about programmable shades is the fact that you can integrate them into your home automation system or allow them to operate independently. With easy configuration and quick delivery turnarounds, we can get you your shades in no time.

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