During cooler months like fall and winter, our heating bills often skyrocket. Since heat flows naturally from warmer regions to cold areas, it can be difficult to keep your home comfortable when the weather outside is frightful. When temperatures start dropping, we usually crank the thermostat or turn on our fireplaces without a second thought.

Proper home insulation will help reduce the heat flow in your home, saving you energy and thus money. There are some home improvement projects you can undertake to help with home insulation, such as caulking exterior windows, but not every solution requires effort on your part. Good window shades can also provide more energy-efficient home insulation, proving that the comfort of your home and fullness of your wallet don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

How Shades Aid in Home Insulation

Radiant Barrier Envelopes

Shades improve home insulation by giving you better thermal control in your home. They accomplish this by establishing a radiant barrier envelope that effectively prevents solar heat gain in the summer. When temperatures drop in winter, the radiant barrier envelope created by the shades actually traps heat indoors and prevents cold air from coming in, aiding in home insulation.

Increased R-Values

In home insulation, the R-value refers to the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value of your windows, the greater their ability to insulate your home. Shades will easily up the R-value of your windows, sliding doors, or French doors, improving your overall home insulation.

Decreased U-Values

The U-value is the converse of the R-value in home insulation – it measures how well a window can reduce heat loss when indirectly exposed to radiation, like during winter months. A lower U-value indicates that the home loses less heat from its interior, leading to a lower heating bill!

Improve Your Home Insulation With Halcyon Shades

As much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. Good home insulation doesn’t just entail scheduling heating system maintenance and sealing heat leaks – it should also involve your window treatments. All Halcyon Shades have the properties to aid in home insulation. The U-Value of windows without shades is cut in half when Halcyon shades are added. Plus, our shades will improve your home insulation and lower your heating bills by reducing winter heat loss by 52 – 72%, depending on the model of shades you choose! Look for Halcyon Shades at Menard’s and countless home improvement stores near you!

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