When you leave on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home while you are gone. Therefore, you take steps to increase your home’s security. You set your lights on timers and you ask the neighbors to keep an eye on your house. You close your window shades so no one can see in. You think you’re ready to go.

To Shut or Not To Shut My Window Shades

One important thing you might not realize, however, is that shutting your window shades can actually be more detrimental than helpful. First of all, if you usually always have your window shades open during the day, then shutting them up tightly for several days straight will be noticeably out of the ordinary. While a chance burglar wouldn’t notice any change, people who live further down your street who drive past your home every day might notice. If you have someone casing the homes on your street planning a break-in, then he or she would definitely notice. Most people don’t keep their window shades shut for several days straight. Shut window shades can actually indicate that you aren’t home.

Secondly, if your window shades are shut, then neighbors, friends and police will have a much more difficult time checking on your home for you. Even if everything looks okay on the outside, they would have no way of knowing what the condition of your home looks like inside. Not only would they not be able to tell if anyone had been in your home, but they also would not be able to tell if your home was affected by severe weather conditions like flooding and severe rains.

The Resolution: Keep Your Window Shades Partially or Fully Open

For these two reasons, you may actually prefer to leave your window shades either open or partly open. Alternately, you could close some window shades and leave others open. Be sure to hide your valuables from view and set your lights on a timer, though. Then, a burglar should just assume you are in the next room, not gone completely.

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