Shopping for new window treatments can be a daunting task, whether you’re searching for treatments for your home or your commercial property. There’s a wide range of premade window shades on the market in a sea of colors, materials, and designs, so it can be difficult to weed through the masses and find the perfect window treatments for your needs.

One window treatments solution that will most definitely meet your specifications? Custom shades by St. Louis-based Halcyon Shades.

Not only do our custom shades fit your window’s dimensions to a T, they’ll also fit your budget, your style, and your property needs. Here are the details on why you should choose custom shades over other prefabricated window treatments.

Why Choose Custom Shades?

A Range of Designs & Styles for Any Aesthetic

Premade window treatments are limited in design, which means you could have trouble finding shades to fit your aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for shades for your home or business, you want those window treatments to reflect your unique style and set the tone for your property. With custom shades, you can achieve this. Choose from our wide range of designs and styles — there are over 64,000 variations of our custom shades, ensuring you can find a stylish, budget-friendly solution that will be constructed of the highest-quality materials.

Features That Work For You

Unlike prefabricated window shades, Halcyon’s custom shades come in a wide range of features that will up the value of your property. Depending on the custom shades you select, you can reap the benefits of energy efficiency, improved health from added UV protection, prevent sun damage to your property, and add extra security. The benefits of custom shades are plentiful!

A Custom Fit for Your Windows

While a premade shade may not fit your exact window dimensions — especially larger or more unique windows, such as those found in a charming old home — custom shades by Halcyon are always made to fit your window exactly. We cut and create your custom shades based on our precise measurements to ensure that they’ll work perfectly — and we have a team of skilled installation technicians to ensure a snug fit, too. You won’t have to worry about pooling, extra slats, or cutting down premade shades — our custom shades will be created and installed just for you.

Find Your Custom Shades Today

Though we’re based out of St. Louis, you can find Halcyon Shades nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii — and our installation team works nationwide, too. Find a Halcyon Shades dealer near you to get high-quality custom shades for your home or business.

To learn more about our custom shades, call Halycon Shades at (314) 282-8088.