The green movement has taken hold and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Cutting down on waste and conserving resources saves you money — while it has a huge impact on the environment.

In the hustle and bustle of the office routine, it is easy to be overwhelmed by work and forget that our actions take a toll on the environment. Businesses are taking measures to show environmental responsibility by participating in reducing water output, initiating recycling programs and switching to energy efficient bulbs.

Going green does not require a radical makeover. It only requires easy-to-implement ideas that will result to a new way of doing business. The following is a list of easy tips to help you make your office more green leaf

Green Business Moves

Energy Audit

Seek the advice of your energy provider concerning an energy audit of your business. To develop your green business practices, you need to know where your business stands. After a thorough energy audit, you can choose the appropriate energy efficiency practices. You may choose to use motion detectors for lights, install green shades or replace bulbs with efficient light bulbs.


Though it may seem like an obvious tip, there are many offices that do not recycle. Employees use tons of notebooks, paper, files, bottled drinks, disposable silverware and plastic containers on a daily basis. It is a good idea to keep recycling bins in the office for the use by the employees. Put recycling bins throughout the office where people use the recyclable items.

Use Less Paper

We’re living in the digital age, but we still use paper products often. Analyze your company’s current use of paper. Think about potential alternatives. Could you use online file storage, email announcements or handle payroll completely online? .

Coffee Mugs

Coffee is the energy source for many office workers! If your employees are serving up their daily cup of joe in a paper or styrofoam cup, they’re wasting countless resources over the course of one year. Instead, provide coffee mugs for daily use.


With every business decision, consider how you can reuse or recycle. Are you buying new office furniture? Consider buying used furniture or things made of recycled materials.

Reconsider Travel

If your employees can travel by bus, consider providing transit passes. Install bike racks for cyclists and encourage carpools. When planning business travel, consider how to use teleconferencing when possible.

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