Tis the season…to get robbed. Yes, over the holidays — an otherwise cheerful, festivity-filled season — many Americans do not realize they become more susceptible to home burglary. “In fact, nearly 400,000 burglaries take place in the United States between November and December each year, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” reported one source. With home crime statistics skyrocketing this time of year, it is crucial that you employ the proper home security tips and protect your home and its valuables over the holiday season.

Home Security Pointers:

Fortunately, there are some simple home security tips you can integrate into your routine to protect yourself from becoming a victim of holiday burglaries.

home securityHome Security Tip #1 – Don’t Showcase Purchases

Although there are few things more festive than presents underneath your tree, this is a no-no on our home security to-do list. Those shiny, wrapped presents can be inviting to unwelcome onlookers who are looking for crimes of opportunity. Over the holidays, play it safe and don’t advertise your presents in highly visible places. Also, avoid placing expensive electronics’ boxes on your curbside as you complete your holiday gift wrapping.

Home Security Tip #2 – Don’t Advertise an Empty House

Although many people host out-of-town guests over the holiday, a lot of people leave to visit family and friends. If you are leaving your home unoccupied over the holiday season, take some extra precautions to increase your home security. You are probably familiar with the robber-breaks-into-empty-house scenario. To prevent this from happening, use light timers to maintain the appearance of having an occupied home. Additionally, have a neighbor or friend collect your mail for you or stop the newspaper and mail entirely.

Home Security Tip #3 – Practice Window Safety

Locking your doors AND windows is of the utmost importance when you are trying to enhance your home security. Why? Unlocked windows make it easier for unwanted visitors to enter your home. Moreover, be certain to close your shades and/or drapes. Crimes of opportunity are prevalent over the holidays and open blinds are an easy way to unintentionally allow for robbers to case your home. Err on the side of caution, and keep your shades drawn during periods of heightened crime.

Our Shades Can Enhance Your Home Security

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