Finding window treatments seems like a pretty easy task. You can simply walk into any home store and pick up a pack of curtains or a set of shades that is the right size. Finding the perfect curtains or window shades for your particular home is a completely different task altogether, however. When it comes to designing your dream home, not just any window treatment will do. Here are five reasons you need to skip the boring stock curtains and shades and opt for custom window treatments instead.

Why Get Custom Window Treatments?


1. Your Home Has Oddly Sized Windows

If your home has oddly sized windows, you may have a difficult time finding window treatments that are just the right size and shape. With custom window treatments, however, your curtains are fit precisely to your windows’ unique measurements.

2. You Want Your Windows to Stand Out

If you have fantastic windows, show them off. Custom window treatments are a great way to set your windows apart and to make them stand out.

3. Custom Window Treatments Offer More Variety

While finding any old pair of curtains is easy, finding the perfect curtains for your home and your style is much more difficult, especially if you have a particular fabric, color or style in mind. Custom window treatments offer a great variety so you can find what you need.

4. They Match Your Home Perfectly

Purchasing matching bedding, upholstery and curtains results in a look that is too “matchy-matchy,” but matching up the colors of fabrics you’ve purchased separately can be incredibly difficult. Custom window treatments help you solve this problem since they come in absolutely every color and style.

5. They Can Help You Sell Your Home

You know that custom window treatments make your home more enjoyable to live in, but did you know that they can actually help your home sell faster too? Choosing just the right custom window treatments is a great way to make your home stand out in the mind of your potential buyer.

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