Classroom decorations should be fun and friendly. They should help to encourage attention and provide students with a sense of joy. They should, also, help to reinforce your lessons with visual reminders. Classroom decorations are easy to make.

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    The Teacher’s Desk. Often overlooked, this is a prime piece of visual real estate. Cover it with bright colored wrapping paper and change it with the changing seasons or holidays. If it is a metal desk, use magnetic letters to write out a message to your students. Or, paint the desk with chalkboard paint and use colored chalk to send your message. This is an example of the type of classroom decorations that are hard to miss.

  • Bookcases and File Cabinets. These two important pieces of furniture can help you organize your classroom decorations. However, the pieces found in schools are usually remarkably unattractive. Dress up yours with wrapping paper, foil papers or contact papers. If the sides are visible, you can post artwork or the classroom newspaper for students to read during breaks. You can also use two set several feet apart to sequester an area for art or reading groups. Classroom decorations are subject to the imagination only.
  • Science Projects. One of the best types of DIY classroom decorations is the ones that teach as well as make the class more enjoyable. Although many teachers have invested in small pets, (hamsters, birds, reptiles) the problem of where the animal will live during school breaks and during the summer months, plus the problem of allergies, cleanliness, and distracting animal outbursts, makes having a classroom pet a repetitious problem. The solution is enclosed habitats for raise and release class projects, such as the many Monarch butterfly kits that are available. Classroom decorations that are interactive are the best kind to have in the classroom.

Classroom decorations budgets are usually small and classroom decorations is often provided by the teachers, out of their own salary. Also, the students in the classroom become easily bored with static design. For this reason, classroom decorations need to be inexpensive and durable. Arrange class decoration parties for other teachers in your building and interested students and parents and exchange decorating ideas and materials.

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