commercial shade covering Gas stations are crucial staples of every community. Because of this, gas station owners need to take the appropriate measures to ensure that this vital asset is cared for well and is properly protected. The solution? Commercial shade coverings. If you are unsure how these crucial staples can be better integrated into your gas station facility, take heed. Halcyon Shades of St. Louis, Missouri, has the details about how these commercial shade coverings can be utilized in your gas station.

How Commercial Shades Can Help:

Increased Security

Although many gas stations are highly trafficked and safe, these facilities sometimes become targets for criminal activity. While our commercial shade coverings cannot prevent these activities, they can help make your facility more secure. How does this work? Our state-of-the-art, commercial shade coverings enable gas station employees to see outside, without criminals being able to see behind the shades. This shield makes it more difficult for these individuals to see store merchandise, which has the potential to reduce crimes of opportunity. Additionally, it allows for the store employees to survey the outside parameter for suspicious activity.

Longer Shelf Life

If you own a gas station in an area that suffers from extreme weather temperatures, packaged goods by storefront windows can become melted or hard, decreasing the shelf life of these items. Melted candy and gum make for a mess, as well as lost earnings — something no store owner wants. To help prolong the shelf life of these items, consider the installation of commercial window coverings. Our heat-reflecting shades have the ability to block sunlight, helping protect displayed goods from extreme heat. On the same token, this technology can be used to cool your entire store, improving its overall energy efficiency.

Clean Look

Commercial shade coverings are available in a number of styles and designs. The result? Commercial shade coverings that complement any gas station’s aesthetics. So, no matter what look you are trying to achieve, Halcyon Shades is a go-to partner.

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