If the windows in your home aren’t covered by absolutely gorgeous window treatments that you love, what is stopping you? Could it be because you believe one or more of these common window treatment myths? It is time to set the record straight. Here are four window treatment myths and facts.

Window Treatment Myths–Busted


Myth: Basic Window Treatments are Good Enough

Did you buy all of your window treatments from a super center because they were “good enough?” Do you really want to settle for “good enough?” Your window coverings have the power to completely transform the look of your room and pull all of the design elements together. Don’t settle for good enough–choose window coverings you’ll adore.

Myth: Custom Window Treatments are Too Expensive

While custom window treatments can be expensive, they certainly don’t have to be. It is possible to find beautiful window coverings in all price ranges. Plus, you can also find some great blinds or curtains on sale if you shop at the right time.

Myth: It’s Better to Go Without Window Treatments If You Have Small Children

While it is true that some window treatments, like blinds, can present a strangulation hazard, not all do. If you have small children in the house, you may prefer curtains or enclosed blinds instead. Then, you can still have beauty and privacy without the risk.

Myth: There Aren’t a Lot of Good Window Treatment Options Out There

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. There are tons of great window covering options out there; you just have to know where to look. Don’t limit your search to the super centers or home improvement stores. Look at home stores, in specialty shops and online. From blinds to curtains to Roman shades, there are tons of great options out there!

You wouldn’t wrap a present and leave off the bow or bake a cake and leave off the frosting. Don’t leave your interior design unfinished either. Invest in quality, beautiful window coverings today.

St. Louis Window Treatment Experts

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