Frequently Asked Questions – Halcyon Shades

What is the biggest shade you manufacture?

12 feet wide by 36 feet long with a seam every 6 feet


What is the smallest shade you manufacture?

Two feet wide by three feet long


How much do your shades cost?

Our prices are based on shade dimension–height and width–and construction material. Also considered is whether or not the shades are motorized.

Can you see through the shades?

Yes. They are extremely transparent. Both our traditional and embossed shades offer exceptional clarity.

How long will it take for my shades to be delivered?

Solar film shades take 1-2 weeks and fabric shades take 3-4 weeks.

How are motorized shades controlled?

Our shades are controlled with a hand-held remote control, wall switch, or myLink.

Will your shades integrate with current control systems?

Yes. We use Somfy motors which can integrate with most control systems using a translator.

How many LEED points are Halcyon Shades eligible for?

Nine points within 500 miles of St. Louis, and 8 points beyond 500 miles.

Does Halcyon Shades offer CEU credits?

No, but we are working hard and expect to offer CEU credits in summer 2015.

Does Halcyon Shades offer a National Account Program?

Yes. Please contact Mark Koenig to inquire about eligibility.

What are Halcyon Shades made of?

Sputtered aluminum–which mists light–and polyester.

How much metal is in your shades?

There is a light-misting sheet of metal in our solar film which is thinner than razor-thin; it is only molecules thick. While it may not sound like much, the sheet of metal creates a radiant barrier.

What is Halcyon Shades CAS number?

Our CAS number is 25038-59-9.

How do I become a dealer?

You fill out our dealer application form. Once you’re approved by Halcyon Shades HQ and your local representative group, we provide pricing and free marketing materials.

Where are Halcyon Shades products manufactured?

In St. Louis, Missouri

Where do you source your material?

A vendor in West Virginia sells us our proprietary material.

How are Halcyon Shades products different from fabric shades?

Our solar shades have a light sputtering of aluminum which allows our product to create a radiant barrier. It acts like a thermos, keeping your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Can I test my energy savings?

Absolutely! With Equest, it’s easy and free. Use the data in our technical specifications sheet along with the Equest tool to test your energy savings.

What is the return on investment (ROI) with Halcyon Shades?

Our products’ ROI is an average of 2.5 years based on 10 cents per kWh. If your average energy costs are higher than 10 cents per kWh, your savings will be more.

What section is Halcyon Shades Listed under?

Section 12.

Do you have technical specs you can send me?

Yes. We can send technical specs and written specs.

Have any scientific studies been performed on Halcyon Shades?

The US Department of Energy ran an independent study on Halcyon Shades. They found that you can save an average of 10-25 percent with our shades.

How long have Halcyon Shades been manufactured?

Since 2004.

How can I buy Halcyon Shades?

Use our dealer locator or contact us directly at 800-234-2280

Window Film vs Halcyon Shades?

Window film applied after installation of the window voids the warranty. Window film and glass expand and contract at different rates causing gaskets to blow, glass breakage, and bubbling in the film material. Window film doesn’t prevent the glass from heating up, which transfers heat into the building. Halcyon Shades create a radiant barrier which provides superior energy efficiencies.

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