It can be difficult to determine what products really are “the best” for your windows. Halcyon Shades believes in total business transparency. We want our customers to always know exactly what they are getting from products. When you shop for window treatments with our comprehensive selection of shades, you know your windows are getting the best treatment possible.

Earn Nine LEED Points

By purchasing Halcyon Shades for your windows, you can earn up to nine LEED points, ensuring your commitment to green building principles. Don’t ever accept anything less than the very best for your window treatments.

Good Business Declarations:

  • September 2017 – 3rd place in Growing Global Competition in the Greater St. Louis Region.
  • June 2012 – We received the Small Employer Partnership Award. This was presented because of our close relationship with SLATE (St. Louis Agency of Training and Employment).
  • March 2012 – We were awarded the Flag of Freedom Award for our ability to successfully connect veterans with meaningful careers.
  • October 2009 – St. Louis honored Halcyon Shades with the Business of the Year award.

When you purchase with Halcyon Shades, you can be sure of the quality of our products and of the positive work environment we offer our employees and customers.

Learn More About LEED Certification

For more information about the benefits of our LEED certification and proven window treatments, contact us today!